As a result of the way in which the bull is reared, everything we offer is Ecological, Sustainable and promotes Biodiversity. We are CO2 sinks and Oxygen producing sources. Our livestock farms are located in natural spaces, mostly composed of groves and pastures, such as the “Dehesa” and other ecosystems, all of “High Natural Value”, on which we have ancestrally done a quiet, but very important work of conservation and maintenance.

Bravery’s Livestock farming is strictly EXTENSIVE, with very low stocking rates, in the order of 2 Ha/head of adult animals. The bull needs a lot of space to grow ip, it has to move to be the athlete that is required to be and it feeds as naturally as possible (natural pastures and acorns). It browses, clearing the farms of scrub and dry grass, thus fighting the dreaded fires.


The bull, “Bos primigenius taurus”, coexists perfectly with the autochthonous species where it lives. Recently considered as a unique species, it is a breed of breeds, “ENCASTES”, with great genetic differentiation between them, achieved by a very careful selection of the breeders in the bullfighting field.


We generate wealth and fight against depopulation. We mobilize employees, suppliers, services…etc, we even make our territories visible in the media, social networks…etc.


We optimize the use of the resources we manage. We mainly produce Bravery and Culture, but in addition, and derived from them, other products such as fighting bull meat and Tourism.

Fighting Bull Breeders Association



We breed fighting bulls, destined for the different bullfighting operations in Spain, Portugal, France and American countries.

In our ranches pasture bulls of the different existing breedings, many of them considered minorities ones.

The different “encastes” of the fighting bull:


Royal Decree 2129/2008, of 26 December, establishes the National Program for the Conservation, Improvement and Promotion of Livestock Breeds.

It defines the lines of the National Program for the Management, Conservation, Improvement and Promotion of Livestock Breeds, regulating the different aspects of the breeding, conservation and promotion of our breeds.

As a fundamental instrument for the dissemination of information on the breeds included in the Official Catalogue of Spanish Livestock Breeds, the ARCA National Information System has been made available to the public, where all aspects related to the different livestock species and breeds and their regulations can be consulted.

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Fighting Bovine Breed Family Tree is a computerized system based on a database which is kept and managed by the five breeders associations in Spain: AEGRB, AGL, AGRL, AGRL, GLU and UCTL, officially recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food. The specific regulations of the fighting bovine breed family tree was published on the State’s Official Bulletin on march 21st 1990 throught the Ministerial Order of 12 March 1990.

The Family Tree Book is made up of three registers:

Founding Register. Constituted by the reproductive specimens that were alive at the time of the birth of the of 1988 and 1989 litter, as well as the products of those branded with the numbers “8” and “9”. They must have the characteristics of the breed, be not less than 24 months old and have a minimum of two generations of ancestors accredited that testify to their origin and provenance. They must not show any faults or defects which would disqualify them as breeding stock. At present there are no live specimens from this register in the AGL.

Birth Register. Formed by the products of both sexes born from breeding animals registered in the Foundational Register or in the Definitive Register, with prior control of Breeding Lots.

The Definitive Register. This is made up of specimens from the birth register which have been selected and approved as breeding stock by their breeders and which, in the opinion of the LGA technicians, meet the necessary requirements for registration.

The data collection for the Family Book of each livestock farm for its control, registration and subsequent computerization is carried out through a series of standardized forms approved at the time by the MAPAMA.

Or through the use of the computer application enabled for the exclusive use of each livestock farmer: GESLIDIA.


In our Association we have a computer program for the keeping of the Fighting Bovine Breed Family Tree (L.G.), as established by the O.M. of 12th March 1990. It is managed by our technical staff.

Within it, there is a specific application for breeders: Geslidia Cloud. It is an application where each farmer, by means of a user and a personal access password, can carry out procedures such as directly communicating registrations, cancellations, breeding batches, as well as consulting the lists of their animals, documentation, etc. All of this is subsequently validated by the technicians in our offices and included as official data in the L.G.


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Enacted by the European Union, it pursues the following objectives:

Achievement of an improvement of the specimens regarding their behavior in bullfights on foot where the specimen is lanced. This selection is carried out by genetic tools which allows the participating breeder to go forward in the selection of the type of behavior he is after and it also allows other livestock farmers to purchase high-value genetic specimens through having better quality information towards improving their livestock in the desired way.  

To maintain genetic diversity in those breeding farms or associations of breeding farms in a precarious situation due to their reduced stocks.

To feature genetically and morphologically the animal population that can form new castes due to their peculiar origin and reproductive isolation.

The 4 or 9 Feature Evaluation forms will be filled by the breeder and sent to the UCTL where they will be filed into the system and then sent by the UCTL to the Laboratory of Genetics of the Veterinary School of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

The UCM will return the information related to the genetic evaluations as they are carried out, which will be delivered to each breeding brand individually.

Furthermore, such laboratory will be responsible for sample safekeeping and custody in the DNA bank, affiliation analytics, design of mating, degree of relativity and endogamy estimate as requested by the breeders and population features.

The genealogy and fenotypical-related information about the tested animals is absolutely confidential, and only the breeder or the person authorized by the breeder has access to it.

Fighting Bull Breeders Association



The derivatives of the fighting bull, especially the MEAT, must be an important source of income in the necessary diversification of resources of our farms.

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It is an EXCELLENT FOOD with a very differentiated profile, a product with roots in the gastronomic culture of our country and having excellent qualities in terms of nutritional properties (high content of easily absorbed iron, other minerals such as magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc, as well as proteins of high biological value and vitamins, especially of the B group), and its healthiness, due to the way it is reared, handled, healthy, physically prepared and feeding, fundamentally natural, without the use of medicines or meat-forming stimulators, it is an unbeatable food. In 2015, the Federation of Autochthonous Fighting Bull Breeders Associations (FEDELIDIA) was created, made up of livestock farms belonging to the five existing breeders' associations.

It obtained authorization from the MAPA's Directorate General for Agricultural Productions and Markets to use the "RAZA AUTÓCTONA LIDIA" logo and established the specifications for its use by all the links in the food chain involved, such as producers (livestock farmers), slaughterhouses, processing plants, distributors, exporters, retailers, restaurateurs until reaching the final consumer, which guarantees the origin of these meat products.

Fighting Bull Breeders Association



The fighting bull is one of the most important emblems of Spain Brand.

The breeding of these animals is a deeply rooted activity in almost the entire Spanish territory, which due to its idiosyncrasy differentiates us from any other offer. The natural environment in which the bull is reared and the beauty of both the livestock and the animal itself, make the Bravery Field a first-rate Tourist Resource.

We can offer a wide variety of products, from guided tours of the livestock farms lasting a few hours, to stays of several days in the ranches. Unique experiences where you can learn about our culture. Live the livestock operations up close, in an authentic and sustainable way, enjoy the day-to-day life of these farms, without giving up a high level of comfort, where we offer a high quality in all our tourist services (outdoor leisure activities, restaurants, even accommodation).